Apache Industrial Workwear

Teknofix is delighted to be able to offer all our customers the great range of Apache Industrial Workwear. They offer a full range of functional, quality and competitively priced safety footwear/ clothing for the work place. So if you need new boots, jackets or accessories like knee pads then why not give us a call and see how the Teknofix team can make a difference to your business.

Teknofix supply a wide range of high quality Workwear, Power tools and accessories, all at great prices – why get in touch now or call the Teknofix team on 01392 362500 we’ve probably got what you need!




About Teknofix

Here we will post all sorts of stuff from team Teknofix, from offers to team news - if you want to talk to one of the team please call us on 01392 362500