Find a great Power Tool

So you run a trade business in the South West, maybe you are a builder in Torquay or a plumber in Taunton and you need a certain tool for that specific job.  This is where Teknofix can help, we are probably the most experienced Power Tools Supplier in the South West and have a fully fitted showroom at our Exeter base where you will be able to find a Power Tool for that job, if not then we can get it.

Why not call us before you come on 01392 362500 as we often have deals or special bundle packs that we put together for the building and construction trade and this includes power tools and fixings to help you carry out the best job for your customers.

So why not discover what you may have never know and either get in touch now or call the Teknofix team on 01392 362500 we’ve probably got what you need!

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About Teknofix

Here we will post all sorts of stuff from team Teknofix, from offers to team news - if you want to talk to one of the team please call us on 01392 362500